What is Logical Reasoning? Logical Reasoning is the ability to recognize or determine a particular pattern using a piece of the given information. To solve any problem using given information is the primary tool to solve any given problem be it a maths problem. Every individual has these skills andContinue Reading

Current Affairs 15 Feb ISRO Tests Satellite ISRO is all set to test satellites developed by the private sector for the first time. The step is taken to cater to India’s needs such as changing technological scenarios, digitalization, and diffusion of the latest space technology, and boosting the space economy.Continue Reading

Current Affairs 10 Feb Artificial Energy Island Denmark has approved its plan to build an artificial energy island in the North Sea as its main part of switching to green energy. The project cost is estimated to go around 210 DKK million, which is considered as the largest construction projectContinue Reading

Current Affairs 9 Feb EINSTEINIUM A team of scientists at Berkeley Lab has found some new properties of element 99 in the periodic table named after Albert Einstein. The element was found in 1952 in the debris of the first hydrogen bomb(Detonated in the Pacific Ocean). The most common isotopeContinue Reading

Current Affairs 3 Feb Jal Jeevan Mission The mission is adopted by Prime Minister to supply water to all households through functional taps in all 4378 towns. Also to cover 500 AMRUT cities with sewerage/septage. The mission is to rejuvenate water bodies and creating green spaces to reduce floods andContinue Reading

Current Affairs 2 Feb Maharashtra-Karnataka Dispute In an old dispute over 7,000 sq km area along with Karnataka and Maharashtra, the districts of Belagavi, Uttara Kannada, Bidar and Gulbarga, etc are Maratha speaking and Maharashtra wants them to be merged with the state. Karnataka has stated that the borders areContinue Reading

Current Affairs 8 Feb Government Regulations The central government has issued a notice to Twitter after the site restored more than 300 accounts that were suspended on the legal demand of the government. The steps were taken by the government against those who don’t comply with the rules framed forContinue Reading

Current Affairs 1 Feb Economic Survey 2020-21: Banking According to Economic Survey 2020-21, Gross Non Performing assets of Commercial banks have decreased from 8.21 percent at the end of March 2020 to 7.49 percent at the end of September 2020. The recovery rate of Commercial Banks through insolvency and BankruptcyContinue Reading