Puzzle of the Day 3 There are 4 physicist – Bikram, Sameer, Pratik and Nitish – having lunch in a hotel. Suddenly, Bikram thinks of 2 integer numbers greater than 1 and says, “The sum of the numbers is…” and he whispers the sum to Sameer. Then he says, “TheContinue Reading

Puzzle of the day Four men- Ankit, Bikram, Chetan and Deepesh – are in a straight line. One man is tall, handsome and brave Two men who are not tall, are each standing next to Ankit. Bikram is the only man standing next to exactly one handsome man. Chetan isContinue Reading

Puzzle of the day Jiya wants to go on a date and prefers her date to be tall, dark and handsome. Of the preferred traits – tall, dark and handsome – no two of Abhishek, Anuj, Vishal and Saroj have the same number. Only Abhishek or Saroj is tall andContinue Reading