The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the organizational arm of all Indian services. Considered the primary civil services of India, IAS is one of the three departments of All India Services along with the Indian Police Service and the Indian Forest Service. Members of these three services obey the Government ofContinue Reading

Who are an IPS? IPS stands for Indian Police Service which provides senior-level police leadership in state and in the center. The Imperial Service was started during British rule, after independence, the service became the Indian Police Service. The service was constituted in article 312 in the year 1950. TheContinue Reading

Previous year UPSC Papers Previous year UPSC Papers are a way you can prepare for civil services. UPSC conducts exam for civil services every year. And making a strategy for UPSC is must. Because the syllabus is very vast and it takes a lot of hard work, sincerity and dedicationContinue Reading

How to prepare for UPSC interview How to prepare for UPSC interview. Interview is the third and the final step to be a civil servant. After appearing for UPSC mains candidates start preparing for interview. After seeing your writing skill, knowledge on various topics. It’s time to show your thoughtsContinue Reading

How to Clear UPSC Mains How to clear UPSC Mains, which is the second step for being a civil servant. The syllabus for Mains gets it’s roots from Preliminary Syllabus. But it gets diversified and very vast for Mains Exam. So after preparing for UPSC Pre and clearing it theContinue Reading

Civil Service Reference Books Civil Service Reference Books are the ones you need to follow. Because along with current affairs, Gk you need to read reference books to expand your horizons. Because the syllabus is very vast and you can cover them using good reference books. Importance of Civil ServiceContinue Reading

Tips to remember before UPSC Exam Tips to remember before UPSC Exam. UPSC is regarded as the most prestigious and most difficult exam to crack. It is conducted in 3 stages, preliminary, Mains Exam and then interview. The Preliminary also known as the pre section consists of two exams ofContinue Reading

Syllabus for UPSC Syllabus for UPSC is very broad. Before going to see the syllabus let us see the selection process. The Selection process id distributed in 3 stages: Preliminary Mains Interview Now let us see the syllabus for UPSC. Civil Services is the most coveted exam of India. WhichContinue Reading