Civil Service Reference Books

Civil Service Reference Books

Civil Service Reference Books are the ones you need to follow. Because along with current affairs, Gk you need to read reference books to expand your horizons. Because the syllabus is very vast and you can cover them using good reference books.

Importance of Civil Service Reference Books

Like discussed, Civil Services have a very vast syllabus. And the study material is available both online and offline. Online materials consists of Current affairs, GK(Indian and World), English, Journals like( Yojana, Kurukshetra). But offline books include the reference books. Along with NCERT Books.

So before jumping into the book ocean you need to know the syllabus for the Exam.

Civil Service Reference Books

Here is the List of Books, managed according to the papers.

Preliminary Books 

Paper I:

Paper II(CSAT)


G.S Paper I

G.S Paper II

G.S Paper III

G.S Paper IV


These are the most renowned books by famous authors and good journals. Remember these books are suggestive not exhaustive.

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