The CBSE and ICSE boards are the most reputed boards where a child can lay a foundation for their future. However, these boards differs nor only in their syllabuses but also the way they train the scholars during the course. Of course, it will have a lasting impact on the way they perceive education and apply it in real world .

In fact, each board have its own unique way of teaching and assessing a student with strong objectives and more importantly they have very different ways of how they train the students and what all does a student can do.

In this article, we’ll see the difference between ICSE and CBSE on various platforms and you can judge which board suits you the best.


First we’ll look at the syllabus, you’ll find that the syllabus of the CBSE board will be really helpful if you’re preparing for competitive exams like JEE or NEET or any other competitive examination. Because CBSE Syllabus is about theoretical knowledge whereas ICSE is all about practical knowledge so this gives ICSE syllabus has the upper hand.


CBSE Syllabus is often considered much easier, well structured, and compact as compared to ICSE Syllabus. While ICSE follows a higher level of english language than the rest of the boards, CBSE doesn’t have a special preference for English Language, CBSE gives preference to all languages and you have an option to choose any language of your liking as well. a higher level of english language in ICSE assists the students to perform better in exams like TOEFL, gives a boost to their personality, english being a first language instills confidence that makes a student stand out of the crowd.


CBSE Board marks are widely accepted easily in the domestic universities or colleges. For foreign schools and universities, ICSE Certification is usually prefered.

Level of Explanation

ICSE Syllabus is considered to be more extensive and covers tons of syllabus and gives practical knowledge which can be an advantage for some but a disadvantage for others. CBSE syllabus is found to be more precise and to the point and covers the same things over and over again.

Difficulty Level

Of all the boards in India, ICSE Board is considered to be more difficult than CBSE. the reason is because the ICSE syllabus has more internal assessments and concepts that can be applied to practicals as well.

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When it’s come to families who have to travel frequently. it’s better if you select CBSE because CBSE schools are easy to find and cover a much greater presence than ICSE.

Range of Subjects

The range of the subjects that ICSE covers is large . ICSE offers a variety of languages like English, Hindi, Kanada, Tamil, Telugu, and others no doubt CBSE does that too but not vastly as the other board. ICSE has much wider approach and even has subjects for Fashion Design, Agriculture, Home Science, and Cookery for creative minds. ICSE syllabus can be your best choice if you’re aspiring to become an athlete, visual artist, scientist, or an all-rounder. Although CBSE schools now a days try also to broaden their horizons but they lag behind ICSE any day.


Regular and private Candidates

Students who belong NIOS are also eligible to appear for CBSE Exams after completing their courses from particular board. But the same isn’t possible for ICSE Board. Students have to be appeared from ICSE affiliated schools in order to appear for ICSE exams else it gets very difficult.

Medium of Instructions

CBSE gives instructions in English as well as in Hindi in any language a child is comfortable in but ICSE follows only English.

So these are the few basic points of difference between ICSE and CBSE Boards. We hope you have a much better insight of CBSE and ICSE Boards