evisceration /ɪˌvɪs.əˈreɪ.ʃən/

evisceration noun [C or U] (ORGAN REMOVAL)



Meaning of evisceration

  • the process of removing one or all of the organs from the within of a body:
  • He will interview pathologists about their evisceration techniques.

More examples:

  • Treatment of his advanced carcinoma included a partial abdominal evisceration.
  • To eviscerate an individual or animal means to get rid of their internal organs, like their heart, lungs, and stomach.


noun [C or U] (DESTRUCTION)

the destruction or weakening of a thought , principle, etc.

More Examples:

There is concern that we are close to witness the evisceration of net neutrality.

Synonyms and related words

  • enervate
  • abatement
  • decline
  • melt
  • dim
  • adulteration
  • fade away
  • wane
  • abate