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GK means General Knowledge. Knowledge means familiarity of what is happening around us in day to day life. GK in not about knowledge of a particular thing but a sum total of everything that happens be it in sports, politics, history, geography and every other thing. General knowledge not only helps to score good in competitive exams but also in day to day life as you talk to anyone you will know what you talking and that makes an impact on the person or the community you are talking in. Hence there is an rise in your confidence as well.

General knowledge is of two types:

  • Dynamic GK

  • Static GK

Dynamic GK: Dynamic GK refers to the things that are currently in news. Be it MoUs, current in politics, sports and is covered under Current Affairs. While Current Affairs are discussed under the other section of the Hamari Naukari. You can read the section monthly and add to your knowledge

Static GK: Static GK refers to something that has happened in the past already. Like the modern History, Indian independence, or Medieval History, geography, polity.

In this section, we will discuss all about static GK like the forests of the world, deserts of the world, and all other things.

To make the reading even more comfortable and easy for you we at hamari naukari have segregated further the section into two parts:

  • Indian GK: Consists of all the details of Indian GK like the rivers that flow in our country, mountain ranges, our history, how we gained independence are the few topics that we have mentioned here. You will find a lot more detailed description in the Indian GK section.
  • World GK: The World Gk covers the same things but at the world level. World GK has been given a separate section which you can read under the below mentioned section.

Below you can find the Links to both Indian and World Gk. Click Below to know more.

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