How to Clear UPSC Mains

How to Clear UPSC Mains

How to clear UPSC Mains, which is the second step for being a civil servant. The syllabus for Mains gets it’s roots from Preliminary Syllabus. But it gets diversified and very vast for Mains Exam. So after preparing for UPSC Pre and clearing it the next step is to clear the next round. In this article we will discuss  the strategy of how to clear UPSC Mains:

Plan a strategy

After you have cleared the first round and moved to second round. NO doubt you have less competition than the Pre Exam but the challenges are great and the syllabus is very vast and the journey gets a bit difficult. But if you will plan your journey properly you won’t be facing any difficulty. You can read the different strategies by toppers. So make sure to make a strategy for each subject and distribute your time accordingly.


Their is a proper syllabus for UPSC. You need to have a proper look at the syllabus. What all to cover and what not. Covering extra is also gives negative results because you ought to be wasting a lot of time. Always make notes of the current affairs which are covered in syllabus. Because everything comes from syllabus.

Current Affairs

Like discussed in the second point, the current affairs play an vital role in the preparation of the Mains exam. Always keep in mind, thoroughly revise all the current affairs. Because a lot of questions can be asked from current affairs to judge your knowledge.

Writing practice

As you have cleared the pre exam which was MCQ based. The mains exam is subjective. You have to be precise with your thoughts and the crisp and clear thoughts should be presented in front of checker. Always keep in mind, your hand writing should be clear and neat. Because if it’s not so their is a good chance of getting numbers deducted.

Prioritize compulsory papers

Usually the compulsory papers are ignored in the wake of covering general studies and optional papers. Because essay writing is as much important as penning down fundamental duties. Because every number counts in the final score so have your priorities right and not just focus on language or general studies.


Just don’t let yourself  flow while choosing the optional subject. This is the paper of which you should have a very deep knowledge of. So choose your optional very wisely. Unlike GS optional needs to be deeply dug and have knowledge till its roots. Because that’s where the questions will be asked.

Mock tests

How and where to practise after you have covered the syllabus. The answer is mock tests. Mock tests and previous year papers play a vital role in brushing your skills while you pen down the test. They actually give you an edge over your competitors and will show the results in the final results.


The syllabus is so vast yiu can’t remember it just by reading or making notes just once. You need to keep on revising and brushing your thoughts every time. While reading a newspaper if any word or statement reminds of something you read in past just try and remember it. This will increase your memory and will sharpen your mind.

Stay focused

Staying focussed and determined is the key. It’s all about patience. Because with patience you will be able to keep calm and hence perform well.

Hence these are some good tips to clear upsc mains. You have got an insight and actually have cleared about how to clear the UPSC exam and how to prepare for the same.

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