How to Prepare for Government jobs at home?

Government jobs are the most lucrative career option among students. Every year millions of students appear for government competitive exams.

Every year government releases countless vacancies for various departments.  In India, people run for a government job. There are many reasons behind this-

  1. Social prestige
  2. Lifelong job security
  3. Guaranteed pension after retirement
  4. Manageable workload
  5. So many holidays
  6. Allowances, perks and more

how to prepare for government examsDue to these reasons, the competition is high as well. However, with proper plans and techniques, any aspirant can get a government job.

So, are you planning how to prepare for government exams? Are you confused about where to start?

Don’t worry!! Here at Hamari Naukari we are sharing some tips on how you can prepare for government jobs at home. If you can implement these tips strategically, you will get success surely. And before preparing learn how to prepare for govt jobs

To get a government job you have to go through a long selection procedure. Entrance exams followed by skill test or interview, document verification, and then posting.

  1. Decide which field you want to work

There are different types of government jobs available. There are numerous departments and fields of work. Like UPSC, SSC, Railways, Banking, insurance, PSU, etc.

First, decide in which field you want to work. Every field has its own work pattern. Try to know about every possible thing about a particular job. Then decide which is suitable for you.

You can focus on only one exam or more than one; it is totally up to you. However, try to make it very specific so that you can concentrate better.

  1. Know the entire syllabus

You took the decision that in which field you want to work then it is time to know the hardest part i.e. syllabus. The syllabus is the first and foremost thing, which you have to understand thoroughly. Be aware of every single topic, which you have to cover. To know the exact syllabus, go to the official website of that exam.

Note down the syllabus subject wise separately. Check which books, study material are best for every subject. Gather them in one place, so that you don’t distract while studying.

  1. Know exam pattern

The pattern of every exam is different. IBPS exam is much different from SSC, railway exams are far different from UPSC, some exams have an interview round, some exams have a skill test round. You have to know the time duration of every exam. Analyze the difficulty level of each exam.  The exact question pattern, number of questions asks and so many things you have to know before starting the preparation.

  1. Make an everyday study plan

The syllabus is huge. To finish the whole syllabus you need to study every day and not only that, you should have a detailed study plan.

Divide the whole syllabus into smaller pieces. Make a study plan to finish every single topic, and then revise them regularly. After completing the reading part, start solving questions.

First, take easy questions then gradually try the harder ones. If you do not find answers, consult Google, books, magazines to find the answer. Make bite-sized notes for quick revision before the exam.

  1. Make goal-based timetable

Time management is the key to crack government exams. Make a goal-based timetable. Give equal time to each and every subject. Fix daily and weekly targets and achieve them. Try to finish the topic within the time period.

In this competitive exam field, time plays a vital role. The more you attempt with correct answers, the higher your chance to get the job.So always have a clear strategy in your mind that how to prepare for government exams

  1. Clear your concept

Concept clearing is a very crucial part of preparation. If your basics are not clear, then you will not able to proceed further. Read subject-specific books to clear the concept. Consult multiple books, magazines, online resources to understand every bit of the topic clearly.

  1. Solve previous year question papers

Solve previous year papers as much as you can. You will get a clear idea about the question pattern by doing this. You can find new questions; you can understand the exact mark allotments and so many little things while solving.  By solving previous year papers regularly, you can understand which questions are repeating multiple times. Your preparation will be more specific by solving this.

  1. Give mock tests

Mock tests are very important because mock tests help you understand how well you are prepared.  Create an ambiance as if you are in the exam hall and complete your mock test within the period. This will help you overcome the exam fear. Give at least one mock test per day.

There are so many websites, which provide free online mock tests on every topic. Try those to make you well prepared.

  1. Revise regularly

You should give enough stress at this point. Most of the students never revise properly. do not do that. Revise each topic you have learned, regularly. By revising time to time, you can memorize better. Allot specific time in your study plan for revising. And know how to prepare for government jobs at home.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes a man perfect. The rigorous practice is the only way to get success. Practice every day, solve questions every day. By practicing regularly, you can increase your speed. You will able to solve questions quickly, which will help you to crack the exam easily.

  1. Keep patience

Yes, it takes time. It is not easy to get that prestigious position you are dreaming of. However, do not lose hope. Keep your patience at the highest level. Be self-motivated. You have to be very optimistic to handle failure. Limit your social media usage to minimize distractions. Keep yourself healthy by eating nutritious food, by doing exercise daily. You will gonna succeed for sure.


Most of the students give up on their dreams of getting a government job or serving as government employees. They scared about the huge competition, but if you have a strategy, you can get the job eventually. Hard work, the mentality of not giving up, proper execution of strategies can push you towards success.

We have summed up all the points which you need to know. Start prepping from today and always remember how to prepare for government exams. Good luck!