How to prepare for Medical Entrance Exam

How to prepare for medical entrance exam


How to prepare for Medical Entrance Exam: To be a doctor as a profession is a thing a great pride. That’s why every year lakhs of students appear for the entrance test. But to become a doctor takes great efforts and a very long journey to travel. Like engineering every year lakhs of students fill the entrance exam. But only few make it to the desired destination. Because unlike Engineering colleges there are very few Medical colleges. And after choosing Engineering you can choose so many streams. But after choosing Medical you have no way out. Either you become a doctor or you totally have to totally change your stream. The List of top Medical Colleges in India are very few than the engineering colleges. There are about 1300+ Medical colleges in India. With a capacity of training 55,000+ candidates.

So before you start preparing you should be clear with few things. Firstly, always have a goal set for your preparation. Never, underestimate your potential. And never overestimate yourself as well. Have a clarity what you want to be. If you want to be a surgeon, you should know the amount of efforts you need to put. Once you answer yourself jump into the pool of prepration.

How to get into medical colleges

Every year lakhs of students appear for medical entrance exam. But the question is how to get into medical college. The first step of getting into a medical college is to give an entrance Exam. There are 2 types of entrance exams.

  1. AIIMS: The exam exclusively for the AIIMS. There are 7 AIIMS(All India Institute for Medical Studies) in India. Clearing AIIMS exam make the candidate eligible for all 7 institutes.
  2. NEET: Another exam for medical entrance is NEET. NEET(National Eligibilty cum Entrance Test) is conducted for all the medical and dental colleges. If you want to be eligible for any medical college in India. Then NEET is the solution.
  3. Some other collegs that have there own entrance exams. PGIMER, CMC Vellore, JIPMER, AFMC etc are among those.

Before preparing for any entrance exam you should know the syllabus

General Tips for preparing:

  1. We good with your basics. No doubt you have covered a lot of syllabus but always be extra cautious about basics. Because they are going to give you an extra edge.
  2. Revision is the Key. Revise as much as you can. A good revision will give you a lot of confidence. And along with knowledge confidence is the key.
  3. After a good refined revision. Move ahead with sample papers or Mock tests. Take mock tests of hamari Naukari or any other institute you like.
  4. Never hold back on asking doubts. Because if you are having doubts you are moving forward. And clearing them at early stage will help you moving forward.
  5. Never underestimate your goals. Always stay focused.

Mistakes to avoid while preparing:

After discussing what all to do while preparing. Now let us discuss what not to do

  1. Never underestimate yourself or your efforts. You are in this for a reason. Keep that in mind and keep going.
  2. Stay away from making too many friends. This is peak of your career. What choices you make will influence you for lifetime. Choose your friends very wisely.
  3. Keep your health at a priority. You cant keep on mugging studies whole day if your mind is not fesh. You wont be able to focus.

So these are the few things that need to be kept in mind. And always remember nothing is impossible. Trust in yourself and you will definitely succeed.