How to prepare for UPSC interview

How to prepare for UPSC interview

How to prepare for UPSC interview. Interview is the third and the final step to be a civil servant. After appearing for UPSC mains candidates start preparing for interview. After seeing your writing skill, knowledge on various topics. It’s time to show your thoughts towards society, about yourself, your optional paper, and everything happening around verbally.

How to prepare for UPSC interview

The interview is taken by a panel of at least 4 people to maximum of 6. Unlike Pre and Mains no test centers are made. But you have to reach to Delhi to give interview. The interviewers might be previous IASs, IPSs, or any governing organisation.

So the question is how to prepare for UPSC interview/which strategy to follow:

  • Read current Affairs
  • Have a very clear pronunciation
  • Practice in front of mirror.
  • Record yourself and listen how you sound while answering a question
  • Read about your education. If you are graduate or post graduate. Read about both. You should have knowledge of the persuade education.
  • Have a good posture, Have your hands on your thighs, sit straight and wear a goo ironed suit. Both Men and women
  • Keep a smile on your face. But not so much that it irritates the panelist.
  • Always remember while answering, you are not just answering the person who asked. You are answering everyone. So always keep an eye contact with all of them.
  • Just remember they are to see your administrative skills. So don’t give any biased answers. If you don’t know the answer just don’t get struck with the question. If it doesn’t click. Just say I can’t remember
  • If you are not sure, say, I can assume. This will give you an edge and you won’t be grilled further.

Like Pre and Mains have syllabus , Interview doesn’t have any syllabus. But still we have arranged some frequently asked questions:

Basic questions

  • Tell us briefly about yourself.
  • Tell us about yourself so we don’t have to read the form.
  • If you have a unique name like Akshat, Tashvik. They can ask the meaning of your name.
  • Belonging to town/ area in news. The questions can be asked from that.
  • Can be asked about your family.

Questions on Education

  • What were your subjects in graduation  and how are they relevant in administration.
  • Which were your favorite/least interested subjects
  • Why choosing the subjects for graduation and now Civil services. But you need be sure and clear with these things

The basic education qualification to appear for civil services is graduation.

Questions on Current Affairs

  • Latest topics can be asked
  • Latest Strategic movement of India can be asked.
  • Your opinion on the Latest Current Affairs can be asked
  • Your opinion can be asked. Given you a current topic. You can be asked how you will react.

Questions on Work Profile

  • If you are working, the first question would be why leaving the job and choosing civil services.
  • Why spending time in job and now diverting your profile
  • What were the responsibilities and do you consider yourself a leader or a follower.
  • What were the roles you were given
  • The company you are working questions can be asked about them as well. But why you left the job
  • How is your previous work help you in administration.

These are the few questions can that are often asked in an interview. But for those who are preparing for UPSC should know the basic books and reference books to choose and read to prepare for UPSC


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