Logical Reasoning

What is Logical Reasoning?

Logical Reasoning is the ability to recognize or determine a particular pattern using a piece of the given information. To solve any problem using given information is the primary tool to solve any given problem be it a maths problem. Every individual has these skills and implements them in day to day life, consciously or unconsciously.

Logical Reasoning also plays the same part. Any competitive exam asking logical reasoning questions has the sole aim of judging a candidate’s ability to think and implement a given piece of information.

The questions asked vary but the motive remains the same. The questions can be asked in one line or can be asked in a passage giving a situation like seating arrangement, numerical reasoning, blood relations, and many more.

LR is asked in various competitive exams whether in MBA exams like CAT or any government job examination.

Let us discuss LR in various exams.

Logical Reasoning for CAT?

Logical Reasoning is the same as that of any competitive or entrance exam. But the questions asked are of moderate to difficult difficulty. As it is known that there is no specified syllabus for CAT but the most common areas from where the questions are asked are:Logical Reasoning for CAT

Logical Reasoning for Competitive Exams

Logical Reasoning is a very common topic asked in any competitive exam like SBI, IBPS, Railways, or any other state govt job exam. The questions asked in the competitive exams are of moderate difficulty. It is classified into 2 types:

  • Verbal Reasoning: Any information that is given in the form of information and implications. It is the ability to understand the concepts and solve the problems.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: The ability to understand the problems and solve the problems expressed in numbers/letters/figures all in combination.

Logical Reasoning Tips for CAT

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you improve your score and solve questions.

Draw the LR questions on Paper

Having a clear picture and analyzing is a key step in answering any LR question. To solve any question you need to have a plan penned down on paper you can’t solve everything in your mind. There are a lot of conditions to be fulfilled and needs great attention to solve the problems. So it is always advised to draw inferences and the drawn implications let you answer the questions easily.

Put in small Blanks

You should know the nature of the question asked. If the question asked is, 6 people, are sitting facing each other. Immediately draw the sequence with 6 blank spaces.

Once all the conditions mentioned are satisfied, solve the question logically. So putting the different pieces is very essential in solving questions.

Logical reasoning can be tricky but it can be made easy using Hamari Naukari’s tricks and techniques.


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