Scholarship for Students

Scholarship for students: Firstly, understand what scholarship is. It is giving financial independence to students who have applied for it. It is way of giving students a boost in their studies and to push them to d0 better. But who can get this scholarship and apply for the same.

Scholarship for Students


Who can avail Scholarship

Literally, anyone can avail scholarship. But the question is from when. Because it is always heard that scholarships are for seniors. But no, this is wrong. Even the wards till class 8 can get scholarships. Yes, you read it right. Now a days the scholarships are for everyone. For students till Class 8. Senior secondary classes. Graduation students. For Management.  Medical students. Engineering students.

Yes, you might be surprised reading so many categories. But in all these categories you can get the Scholarships.

Who Pays for scholarships

A big question is who pays for scholarships? All these scholarships are not paid just by the center government. But some are paid by state government as well under various schemes.  Apart from state and center. Few corporate also step in to pay. Some chartiable foundations. And Many others.

How to apply

We at Hamari Naukari, have categorized the scholarships. These are distributed among class 8, senior secondary, graduation and many other. You can select any category you want to select and apply. The link for each category is given below. You can visit the links given. Click Apply. You can either visit the fill from our website. Or directly visit the website if the link doesn’t work. We have also mentioned the time left to apply. This gives you an idea when to apply. We will also try to put eligibility criteria making it easy for you to apply. So don’t wait and avail the opportunity.

Select which scholarships suits you the best