What is Hotel Management? Hotel Management is a part of hospitality sector, which deals with boarding and lodging services to guests. Taking care of luxuries and providing them a comfortable stay is what is taught in the courses. A typical good hotel constitutes of 4 core departments- Front office(Reception Area),Continue Reading

Indian National Education Policy Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential. It helps in developing an impartial and just society. It also helps in promoting national development. High-quality education is the best way for developing and increasing our country’s rich talents and resources for the good. India will haveContinue Reading

Startup failure is very common these days and according to IBM report, nine out of 10 startups fail before 5 years. Every entrepreneur has in their minds that there startup can fail. As you try to build next big things just remember that almost 2 out of ten startups succeedContinue Reading

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the most important strategy of Digital Marketing. Companies use this strategy to promote their products and have their brand speak in the market. SEO not only help in promoting business. But also help to have online presence. It is estimated that an organisation spendsContinue Reading