Tips to remember before UPSC Exam

Tips to remember before UPSC Exam

Tips to remember before UPSC Exam. UPSC is regarded as the most prestigious and most difficult exam to crack. It is conducted in 3 stages, preliminary, Mains Exam and then interview. The Preliminary also known as the pre section consists of two exams of 2 hours each of 200 marks each. But the GS Paper-I consists of 100 questions carrying 200 marks, GS Paper-II(CSAT) consists of 80 questions each having 2.5 marks.

Tips to remember before UPSC Exam

Those who qualify make it to Mains. Where they are tested over 5 days of exams. The detailed can be checked from the syllabus and what to prepare.

So let us dive into and see the tips to remember before UPSC Exam:

  • Revise the Notes and Topics

    Always remember revising is the best trick to remember the important topics and just the pointers that were made revise them and brush them. You shouldn’t be confused about reading the whole syllabus again. Just skim the marked notes.

  • Time Management

    Managing time is the key while one starts with preparation of UPSC. So this continue till the exam is conducted. Always remember don’t waste more than 2-3 minutes on a question. Instead of wasting time or getting stuck on a question. Move on to next question. Keeping track of time is must as you appear for your exams.

  • Take Mock Tests and Sample Paper

    After you have prepared, where else to see how much you have gained and where you stand is by taking the  mock tests, practicing via sample paper and previous year exams.

  • Read before you answer

    Before answering, have this habit of reading the question properly. UPSC is all about confusing you and asking trick questions. So read thoroughly before you answer.

  • Reach on time:

Reaching Anywhere before time is a good habit and must be followed. And especially here, when it is the D Day. Navigate your way a day before. And try and reach the destination an hour before. Because you don’t want to stress yourself.

  • Keep a check on speed

    Always keep a check on the speed and accuracy because Paper-I has a cut off and Paper-II is qualifying. While going to mains its all about writing skills. How sharp and precise you can write.  But keeping the writing intact as well. So always keep a check on accuracy while attempting MCQ’s and subjective in Mains.

  • What to carry and what Not:

Just remember this a big day so don’t carry unnecessary stuffs. Because not even a watch is allowed inside let alone phones or anything. Do carry your Admit card, Id proof.

  • Avoid Stress:

Stress is a big no. Because it will hamper your performance and you ought to forget stuffs that you remembered. So don’t stress and give exam with confidence.

These are the tips to remember before UPSC Exam. Prepare well and Best of Luck!!

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