What is Hotel Management

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel Management is a part of hospitality sector, which deals with boarding and lodging services to guests. Taking care of luxuries and providing them a comfortable stay is what is taught in the courses.

A typical good hotel constitutes of 4 core departments- Front office(Reception Area), Back End(F & B Services), Housekeeping and Kitchen. Those hotels who manage to give good services in all these departments get 5 star ratings.

After completion of their courses, students can decide which department they want to work with what interests them the most.

What is Hotel Management

Why a career in Hotel in Hotel Management

With globalization and India running towards it’s super power goal by 2030, the hotel industry is growing exponentially. because of ever increasing tourism, hotels are flourishing and so is the scope of career in hotels.

As far as scope is considered you can work as:

  • Front Office
  • Food and Beverages Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen

These are the 4 main department, in which,

Front Office deals with the guests, providing information, check-in and check out.

Food and Beverage services takes care of servicing of food and beverages and food is provided in warm and polite way.

Housekeeping takes care of cleanliness and maintenance of hotel premises.

Kitchen is the part where food is cooked.

Demand of Hoteliers

With ever increasing Hotel, the demand of hoteliers is bound to increase. According to Statista the hotel industry has seen an exponential changes from 7$ Billion in 2015 to 13$ Billion in 2020.

The industry is growing so is the demand of hoteliers. And provides immense career growth.

Qualifications required

To make it through industry, you need to have a minimum of BA, BSc or any Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management. Then you can apply for various posts and start your career as a hotelier.

Following are the degrees that you can go for

BHM degree is for Food production, Bakery, F&B, Housekeeping, Facility Planning, Front Office etc.

BHMCT degree is for Nutrition, Front Office, Food Production, Housekeeping, Communication etc.

BSc in HHM degree is for Food Production, Front Office, Bakery, Housekeeping, Communication etc.

Hotel Management Skills


Fluent written and verbal skills are required to interact with guests and other senior staff members.


Well groomed and discipline are the face of Hotel and plays a vital role in profession of hotel management.

Physical Strength

Physical ability and strength are the traits required in a hotelier to work on long and tiring hours.

Books for Hotel Management

Here is a list of books every hotelier should read:


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