What to Do after Graduation in Australia

What to Do after Graduation in Australia

After completing a graduate degree in Australia, a lot of questions come in mind of a student. In which direction to take their career, what is the scope? Often they are found confused as well, whether to find a job, to pursue higher studies or to find any other option. Often the students have to check for their visa as well, whether they have the due date and when can they renew the same. Here, in this article we will discuss what options a candidate has post completing their graduation.

What to Do after Graduation in Australia

Finding a Job

The first thing that a lot of students look out for is securing a job. A job that will take them higher in their careers. Finding a job would be easy if you have good terms with your current employer, who can help you by giving you a sponsorship. If you plan on staying in Australia even after studies then you can apply for various jobs while you are still studying, this will decrease your time in job hunt. For instance, a lot of students start applying for various internships in suburbs or even less paid jobs just to fit in the country.

If you are not working presently then you need to show some skills or to use your contacts that you have gained during your studies. You can also approach education providers for details of career fair, employment hub, job boards set up in each state and territory.

Continue studying

Sometimes only a graduation is not enough to get you a dream job you are looking for, or sometimes you are not able to get a job after graduation you can get yourself into a program that can help you In getting a job in the future.

A lot of students follow this because this diversifies their career options and help them find a suitable job.

If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree, a masters or a doctoral degree then you are eligible for post graduation degree. It is not mandatory to follow a full time course; you can also take up a course and start doing a job simultaneously. This will help your expenses as well.

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Apply for Permanent Residency (PR)

After completing your graduation in Australia, you can step forward and apply for a permanent residency. Following are the ways through which you can apply for a PR:

  • Skilled Independent Visa for students.
  • Regional Migration scheme.
  • Employer nomination
  • Employer sponsorship.

Qualification for the PR depends upon the results of test. Other than these things, sometimes people marry a local of Australia to get PR as well. Although this is frowned upon.

Return to your country

After graduation in Australia you can return to your country as well if your only goal was to study abroad. You can come back home and find a job or start your business or get into your parental business or can use your learned skills into some innovation. Before returning to your country you should cancel all the services that you have been using like water, electricity and if the house is rented then signing off the rent agreement and claiming the security bonds. You can look for options that will bring you and your luggage back home safely, You can joi alumni groups as well to study updated or any good option that can help you in future.


In this article, we have mentioned all the options that you can have if you have completed your graduation. Students can increase their stay in Australia, look for a job, apply for PR or can come back to their country. I hope this helps in your career selection and you make a wise decision for your future.

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