Word of the day

word of the day



Word of the day is a series of our English teaching module in which daily we give our readers a word which they can read, to pronounce, know how to spell, using the word in a sentence and finding the synonyms(words with same meaning).

How to learn?

Learning new things or words has always been easier when you start learning a new language. Daily adding new vocabulary will help you have a grip on the language and you will see that you can easily speak the language by adding few words that make your impact over others.

You can see the improvement in your English significantly using this website. Learn how to pronounce words correctly and get your pronunciation game strong. This app helps you learn English quickly. Everyday, the most important words are selected and made available to our users. Even if you are a beginner in English language, you can reach the master the language and become an expert reading from Hamari Naukari. This proves better than Dictionary. Become more eloquent in English. The words mentioned are extracted from the top and most trusted sources like Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam-Webster and Cambridge University and many more.

Below mentioned are the words. Read and learn more


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